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A major design change for the franchise was the shift from two-dimensional sprites to three-dimensional polygons. This required a larger development team than past games, with more than 500 people involved with the games' development, inclusive of localization teams. Emphasis was placed on retaining the iconic style of Pokémon art director Ken Sugimori who has been designing Pokémon and creating the franchise's official artwork since Red and Green in 1996. A new type was also added into the game for the first time since Gold and Silver in 1999: Fairy-type. This type was introducted to balance out the Dragon, Fighting, Poison and Steel-types. Dragon was previously only weak against itself and Ice, and only resisted against Steel. Fighting previously was super-effective against five different types (Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark and Steel), and only weak against Flying and Psychic-types. Poison was previously only super-effective against Grass, resisted against itself, Rock, Ground and Ghost-types and ineffective against Steel. Steel previously was only super-effective against Ice and Rock-types, and resisted against itself, Fire, Water and Electric-types. Aside from this, Ghost and Dark are now neutral against Steel, improving the offensive usefulness of both types. Multiple Pokémon from previous generations, such as Jigglypuff, Gardevoir, and Marill, were retroactively assigned the new type while 13 new Pokémon, most notably Sylveon, donned the type. A new mechanic called Mega Evolution—a temporary form change akin to normal evolution—was also added for more dynamic battles and stemmed from the concepts of bonds and evolution. Mega Evolutions "refined designs to a new extreme" according to Yoshida, and required considerable effort. They were made temporary to retain balance in battles, and only made possible when a Pokémon is holding their respective Mega Stone to prevent players from giving them a different advantageous hold item. The only Pokémon from Generation VI capable of Mega Evolution is Diancie.

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