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Zebrafish have also been found to regenerate photoreceptor cells and retinal neurons following injury, which has been shown to be mediated by the dedifferentiation and proliferation of Müller glia. Researchers frequently amputate the dorsal and ventral tail fins and analyze their regrowth to test for mutations. It has been found that histone demethylation occurs at the site of the amputation, switching the zebrafish's cells to an "active", regenerative, stem cell-like state. In 2012, Australian scientists published a study revealing that zebrafish use a specialised protein, known as fibroblast growth factor, to ensure their spinal cords heal without glial scarring after injury. In addition, hair cells of the posterior lateral line have also been found to regenerate following damage or developmental disruption. Study of gene expression during regeneration has allowed for the identification of several important signaling pathways involved in the process, such as Wnt signaling and Fibroblast growth factor.

The zebrafish is a derived member of the genus Danio , of the family Cyprinidae . It has a sister-group relationship with Danio kyathit . [9] Zebrafish are also closely related to the genus Devario , as demonstrated by a phylogenetic tree of close species. [10] The zebrafish was referred to in scientific literature as Brachydanio rerio for many years until its reassignment to the genus Danio . [11]

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